The Registry… Why do we need to clean it?

Constant use of windows makes the registry grow out of bounds and slows the system considerably. Regular cleaning with a registry cleaner like CCleaner can fine-tune your system to operate efficiently.

There are many things that can slow down the operating system of a computer. The cramming of the registry is only one of the most common things of the lot. The other things that contribute to the system slow down is spyware and adware that is downloaded from the Internet without the user even knowing it. These enter the registry and play havoc. There are many programs such as ActiveX controls that download automatically and lodge in a specific section of the Registry and begin to slow down the system more and more each day. The only way out is to clean the registry regularly with registry software cleaner (as mentioned above).

The Role Of The Registry

So, what is this thing we constantly refer to as the system registry? In the beginning when Windows was still in the evolvement stage Microsoft had to incorporate a way that the operating system could keep track of the file and user information so that the OS could locate them easily. This was initially located in the INI folders. Now there was no way to clean the INI folders with automatic software like the registry cleaner we have today. The INI folders kept growing and slowing down the operating system which had to be cleaned manually unlike the registry windows cleaner available online today.

Now Microsoft came up with a solution and that was to include a system registry in their later operating systems. This brought with it a new problem. That was that the registry kept expanding with daily use of windows. When the system requested some information the registry starts from the beginning to search for the information. As the system grows this process takes longer and longer (This is just an example and not the actual way it works) Thus slowing down the operating system.

With preventive maintenance a lot of the problems can be solved by performing various actions on a scheduled time. For registry cleaning you only need to do this every 3-6 months unless you do a lot of installing and uninstalling software then you should do it more frequently.

You don’t want to clean the registry too much because it will do more harm than good the registry is the “heart” of the computer it keeps everything running if it gets damaged  you’ve got a whole load of new problems and certain registry cleaners will remove items that don’t need to be removed.  so remember cleaning occasionally OK over cleaning BAD.

It’s also important to know that a lot of the programs being advertised or promoted are NOT good for your computer regardless of what it says I would say most programs fall in the don’t touch category. You really have to research the program before using it on your system. In my job I use and Trust CCleaner and would recommend that over any other.

If you still have questions about the function of the Registry and care instructions feel free to reach out I’m always willing to help clarify any misunderstandings or misconceptions regarding the care and maintenance of the computer.

-Greg Fultz, Lead GeeK @ GEFNET


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