Cybersecurity: It’s much more than just Antivirus software…

You see a lot of information these days about #CyberSecurity do you ever wonder why?

Well first, it’s always been there but it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now.

In the early days of the computer/internet and in recent modern times #Viruses was a big thing it was a big threat and to some extent, they still are but right here and now what we are dealing with is more appropriately called #Malware.

Now to understand the difference you should know that a Virus is still a form of malware but a virus is mainly designed to replicate and spread throughout the internet and hop from computer to computer other forms of Malware target other specific actions to distribute malicious code like ransomware, exploit kits, drive-by downloads.

So it leads to the question is Antivirus still an accurate term to use… and the answer is No it’s basically an obsolete term because we deal with a lot more than just viruses now so the security industry started using the term Cybersecurity more to embrace the need for more than just Antivirus awareness so that is why we are seeing an increase in Cybersecurity news.

So, now you know what we are dealing with now is Malware and we need more Cybersecurity education, not just a generic term such as Anti-Virus protection we need better and more secure Cybersecurity applications.

Applications Like Norton and Mcafee promote and market themselves as an Antivirus company and you hear all the time how applications like these companies offer, which back in the day were great but, now they are becoming less and less effective because they can’t or won’t focus on the needs of today because everyone is used to the term Antivirus that’s what they stick with and say you are the one who is creating a virus you are going to design it in a way that defeats the top antivirus companies and if you release a virus commonly known as a zero day virus these companies aren’t going to protect you because their programs depend on instructions that these companies feed into it and if it doesn’t have the instructions to stop said zero day virus guess what? It’s not going to stop it and you are completely exposed to whatever damages it’s designed to create.

What’s the answer then? well, it’s better cybersecurity applications that scan for and are designed to detect all forms of threats, not just viruses.

Enter “Security Companies” they focus on the whole picture and all forms of threats on the computer/internet. For instance, take Malwarebytes this is an excellent company that excels in research and development of cybersecurity applications.  I personally depend on Malwarebytes to keep my computer free of any threats because it’s done better at doing that than any “antivirus” product and full disclosure I am an authorized seller/partner of Malwarebytes because I trust them and I’ve used them for many years before even becoming a partner with them and It’s what I’ve always offered my customers.

But it’s companies like Malwarebytes that is doing what needs to be done to protect us. They are much more than software they are dedicated to the safety & security of the public so much so that they do offer a free version of their software which is great I prefer the premium version because it offers real-time protection versus having to manually open and scan my computer for threats.

But I’m just using them as an example I don’t have to try and “sell” you on it they speak for themselves when it comes to their value and I think they are a much better option than just an Antivirus company.

Like I said Cybersecurity is much more than just software and in future posts, I’ll dig deeper into the other levels of Cybersecurity but I figured a good place to start would be the software aspect because it’s the one thing people understand and I had to start somewhere so in closing let me say there are many threats we face online and it’s going to take more than software to protect us because despite all the dangers on the internet the biggest threat we face is the human factor we are our greatest threat but with the proper education and safe practice we can overcome any obstacle the more people know about Cybersecurity the less of a threat it becomes.

What would you like to see covered on this topic? Please share your thoughts and concerns and I’ll be sure to cover it in the future.

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Until Next time, Be safe out there on the interwebs!


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