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Greetings GEFers,

Here’s an update on the current happenings for May.

I’m just finishing up my Spring Hiatus about 2 times a year (spring & fall) I take a couple weeks to recharge and evaluate the business and make any changes needed and see what has worked and what hasn’t and develop new content for the business.

I like to do at least one workshop/webinar every quarter sometimes I do more sometimes I’m just too busy but I do enjoy doing something for the community every quarter.

I’m always looking for fresh ideas so if you’d like to see something that I haven’t done before do drop me a line.

Currently, I’m working on 2 workshops the first one is a weekly workshop dedicated to the upcoming death of Windows 7.  Yep, That’s right Windows 7 days are numbered you can hold on to it until 2020 then it’s time to move on! This workshop will focus on how to transition to Windows 10 or another supported OS. RSVP Here

The second workshop will be of interest to a large number of people in the “How Do I Do That” series I’m going to talk about Malware Removal and how you can clean your own system! Be sure to RSVP for this event on facebook you can also get the full details there.

I’ve got a couple other projects going as well but the main one being I’ll be starting a new business soon that is a spin-off of GEFNET but GEFNET will still be the parent company. the new business “The GEF Agency” is currently in development and it will feature services mainly for Small Business Owners some of those services will be…

  1. CyberSecurity Awareness/Training
  2. Facebook Ads Services
  3. Social Media Marketing & Training
  4. Technology Coaching

These are all vital services that Small Businesses need and GEFNET sees that a lot of small business owners have no clue about these specific topics that’s why we have chosen to focus on these specific areas.

Stay tuned for more information as this new venture continues to be developed.


over the course of the past month, Microsoft has rolled out the April 2018 Windows Update formerly known as the “Spring Creators Update” for Windows 10 Users.

As predicted It wasn’t without its issues as major updates usually go there were problems.  The update was bricking computers that had an Intel SSD.

Since then Microsoft has blocked this update from computers that have the Intel SSD my recommendation to you is IF you don’t already have the update (Version 1803) delay or block the update IF possible for it to further work out the kinks. if you already have it and there are no problems congrats! The odds must have been in your favor!

What can you do to prevent your system from crashing on a bad update?

there is no magic 8 ball that can answer that question but you can increase your odds of a successful update by making sure your computer is ironically up to date meaning making sure you have all the latest drivers for your hardware and any security updates that came before said update also you’ll want to make sure your software is up to date.

But after all that and the update still killed your computer well it’s time to rebuild and plan for the future next time and the best way to do this is by creating a System Image this will allow you to rollback any destructive update like it never even happened. because the system image will take a snapshot of your current “system” and if needed it will restore it back to THAT point and time now it’s important to note that this is not “system restore” anything you have done after this snapshot was created will be gone! because it didn’t exist in that snapshot.

So that’s all I’ve got for you right now be sure to join the newsletter or follow me on any of my social media networks for daily updates and other tips and tricks/alerts that you need to know about.

You can find all that information and more about me personally at my Bio page at

FYI: for the current Newsletter Subscribers this Month’s Giveaway is for a 1-year Premium version of Malwarebytes!

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