Quick Tips – Why You shouldn’t use the Top Antivirus program to protect you.


I don’t recommend using the Top #1/#2 antivirus software there are a ton of resources that both McAfee and Norton use they have so many processes going on in the background that it can have a serious impact on the computer/device performance.

Not to mention when it comes to the virus/malware creators who do you think they have in mind when they are creating these malicious viruses/malware… They are creating to beat #1 and #2. and they are notorious for getting one-upped by the latest zero-day attack because if they don’t have the definitions they can’t block/fight it.

Instead, What you should be doing is looking for a security company that offers low impact protection meaning it’s not going to hurt your computer’s resources having it running.

Next, Have a backup virus/malware scanner that offers Online Scanning or cloud-based definitions to where it is always being fed the latest security updates. This way if you think you have an infection on your computer and your current AV Scanner isn’t picking it up because it might have been corrupted the cloud scanner will let you know for sure!

Personally, I use and recommend Malwarebytes it has many great features and includes Ransomware protection. This is critical in this day and age! Plus it won’t be running 12+ processes in the background and slowing your computer down!


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Having trouble selecting the right Antivirus for your computer/device?

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