How safe is your Business?

(This was originally shared first via The GEF Agency

There are 4 Key points that any small business owner needs to focus on because 58% of all cyber attacks target small businesses.

Why do you think that is?

Let me tell you…

Because it’s an easy target.

Hackers and Malicious attacks know that a small business is more likely to be less secure than a big multinational company.

Small Ma & Pop shops don’t think they “need” security because no one will care about them.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It’s the small local businesses that need to worry about security the most because they are the ones that lead the economy.

The 4 Key Points to consider are…

1. Security is everyone’s business regardless of the role in the business.

Security is not just the “owners” responsibility even your low-level employees need to participate and be included in the plan. It’s your job as a business owner to make sure that a security is part of your culture.

Because what good is it to have a security plan if not everyone follows it.

2. Be in the Know and Know what you need.

Everyone knows that you need some type of 
Anti-Virus/Malware software to protect your computer but that’s not always the only thing you need.

Do you know what your business needs to be 100% protected? most businesses need more than just software to be secured.

3. Be Comprehensive don’t think inside the box.
It’s not all about the computer! you need a full Online & Offline security management plan. most people think I have antivirus I don’t need anything else.

What if your business gets robbed and they steal the computer? is that data safe? Food for thought.

4. Plan accordingly

You need set policies and procedures for your business security needs and the majority of small business owners have neither.

if you plan for the worse then surviving the worst is possible.

With that said…

How safe is your business?

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