App Safely Friends!

Apps Apps and More Apps!

We all like our apps them little programs of fun and entertainment or maybe they make you more productive OR they infect you and try to steal your information!

With thousands upon thousands of apps available and thousands more created every single day… how do you know what is safe and isn’t?

By doing your due diligence and listening to the people!

The best way to tell what is a great app and what is a bad one is by looking at the reviews left by other people they will tell you if it’s good or not but don’t take it from reviews alone if it’s good or not.

a Bad app may have fake reviews in the thousands so when looking at the reviews look at the names and look at the content of the review do all the reviews look different do they names look legit? this can be a telltale sign that the reviews are legit or not.

If it’s a new app and doesn’t have many reviews that don’t mean it’s necessarily bad but you can still google the name of the app and see what is being said about it or research the company behind the app and see what their history is how old is the company what have the done in the past?

If there is little or no information on the company name it’s best to play a wait and see game to use that app because you don’t want to use an app that is just a fly by night operation where they try to get installed on as many devices as possible do their dirty deeds and then disappear before anyone knows what they did.

Lastly, We want to make sure the app that we are using is not overstepping its need. I’m talking about permissions.

If you download a picture taking app it’s gonna ask you if it’s ok to use your camera/microphone maybe even your location and that’s ok and understandable it needs those permissions in order to operate.

But for example, what if you download an app that acts as a currency converter… this is a calculator that converts the value or quantity of one currency into the relative values or quantities of other currencies. That’s it that’s all it does but it’s asking for permission to use your contacts and access your pictures and wants to know your location???


That’s an example of an app overstepping its needs what is it doing scanning your information and are they taking this information? storing it somewhere? how are they using it?

This is why it’s important to at least skim the privacy policies of the company behind the app and you should deny permission for any app that oversteps its needs or just not use it altogether.

Remember Friends don’t let Friends App irresponsibly.

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