New Year, New You… But Same Computer?!

Everyone at this time of the year is all about resolutions and recreating themselves or getting fit or just having a new year as a clean slate to improve themselves.

But… One thing that always gets ignored is that device you use practically every day all day I’m talking about your computer or whatever device you use on a daily basis.

We treat them like workhorses but never feed them or give them any love it may just be a mechanical device but they need TLC too!

Why would you ignore a device that you depend on so much? In my profession, I see it all the time… people bring computers in and they are surprised that it failed and when I asked what happened they have no clue and then I asked when the last time any maintenance was done and they get this blank look on their face which tells me probably never and they’ve had it for 5+ years.

Moral of the story is Don’t be surprised if your computer/device fails when you’ve ignored it for 5 years.

So in 2019 how about you make a resolution to not only better yourself but better your computer/device as well.

In this guide, I’m going to give you some advice on what you can do to keep your computer happy, healthy and secure! This will focus on desktop computers but I’ll give some tips for other devices as well at the end.

(o.O desktop computers are still used? Yes! surprisingly people do work on desktop computers still despite the tablet/mobile device rise)

This story continues on Medium where I also publish stories.

Hop on over there to see what else I’m writing about and to finish this article.

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