The Last Line of Defense

See folks when malware starts going fileless it’s a whole new type of beast! it’s only gonna get worse…

I was reading this article about a new type of Malware that’s been detected in the wild.

That’s why security is so important this type of malware is using legitimate window processes so your anti-virus or other security programs won’t detect it! Why? because it’s using the system to turn off your defenses in a legitimate way.

So what’s the answer? How do you defeat something that can slide through the backdoor without being detected?

Well there isn’t a 100% foolproof way if it’s your time it’s your time. BUT! The best way to help prevent an attack like this is EDUCATION it’s YOU the user you are the LAST DEFENSE to protect yourself. if you are not actively protecting yourself you are inviting malware attacks in!

That’s the plain and simple truth.

1. Be Aware of the sites you go to.

2. Don’t Click on Advertisements No Matter how tempting they seem. Even if it is from a legitimate source.

3. Have Multiple Layers of security… Have the built in Windows Defender ON, have your Antivirus software active, have a companion scanner active like Malwarebytes you can never be too safe.

Even if these types of Malware attacks can get by all these Layers You Still Need Them!

4. Passwords are just NOT ENOUGH anymore you need TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION yes it’s a pain having to get a code every time you log in to a site but would you rather be a little inconvenienced than to log in to your bank account one day to find it completely cleaned out? USE ALL THE SECURITY METHODS YOU CAN!

And Lastly…

5. If your not sure about something related to the internet or potential shady websites or apps or a too good to be true deal maybe a potential scam ASK Somebody ASK ME I’m more than happy to advise you on just about anything.
Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit that you might have been scammed or that you think that you got yourself into something that you shouldn’t be into. There is a lot of very clever scams out there and it is very easy to get sucked into. So if you think you have a problem SAY SOMETHING!

Because and this is Important if you have a problem then those around you and those connected to you have a problem too! because if you are a target of a scam or a victim of a malware attack they will target those connected to you next!


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