The All New!

It’s been roughly 10 years since the business site has had any major change done to it.

Well October 2019 Is BRAND NEW!

It’s got a sleek modern minimalist look without all the clutter and fluff.

It’s just the information you need and want to know so you can get what you want and get out! Just like you like it!

Better yet it’s 100% Mobile Friendly! and SSL Secured!

So GEFNET has stepped up its Web game to compete with dem big boys 😉

I hope you’ll stop by and check out that New Website Feel. Give that new Contact form a test will ya? I’d love to see how it works (or if it even works) (Ha! I’m joking it works send me a message…no seriously send me a message I wanna make sure it works lol)

Cheers Everyone! Enjoy the New site and all it’s features I’m sure I will add to it when the need arises.

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