Tips for Buying a New Windows PC

#BlackFriday is coming up meaning it’s a great time to upgrade that old computer!

Why not get a GEF Custom Computer? We can build you a computer that will last you years into the future and can be easily upgraded for future upgrades so that it never gets out of date!

We have customers that have GEF Custom Computers from 10 years ago and still perfectly happy with their machines! That’s the type of quality computer and service we deliver!

Book an appointment for your free computer build consultation today!

We have a computer for every budget! And we have financing too!

IF a custom computer isn’t for you here’s what to look for in a manufactured PC…

You’ll want at least a i5 or i7 Intel processor (CPU) or equivalent and a 500GB1TB HDD or SSD hard drive space + 8GB to 16GB RAM

Naturally all newest machines will have Windows 10 if you are going for a PC.

It’s critical if you are still using Windows 7 that you upgrade or buy a new computer NOW! Don’t wait!

Book an appointment with me! I’ll make the transition as painless as possible for you and I’ll even go shopping with you!

But…I can’t help you if you don’t call!


*Amazon Affiliate links are included in this post if you click on the links and purchase something I’ll get a small commission it’s a great way to support the work I continue to do.

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