Stay Safe online while Working From Home.

Here are some #tips for those still working from home.

Secure your home WiFi connection

If your home Wi-Fi password was “1234”, it’s time to give it a makeover. Enable WPA2-PSK (AES) if possible, with a long passphrase. If you need password ideas, use a password generator can be found via Google or RoboForm has a good built in one.

Enable 2FA on all eligible applications

This minimizes the damage from one password being compromised.

Use A Password Manager

This allows you to generate and track unique passwords easily. (Roboform is a Password manager)

Keep applications up-to-date

When Chrome/Firefox or any other software wants you to update, update! Not complying quickly can leave your browser/software vulnerable.

Enable/Connect to a VPN

A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network” it basically creates an encrypted secure tunnel directly to the site/service/business you are connecting to. Having this tunnel prevents the common MITM (Man in The Middle) attack which happens when you are connecting to a site/service and someone collects your information that is being sent while it’s in transit.

It also helps prevent you from being tracked and keeps your browsing private.

Keep roommates and family members from using your work devices.

You don’t want your work files or applications to be compromised by those that have access to your devices so make sure you secure your devices and Limit program and file access to necessary parties.

Enable Full Disk Encryption on your Desktop/Laptop.

IF your computer get lost/stolen your data and confidential work files will be safe and secured.

Setup regular backups to a local drive and the cloud

Nothing is worse than losing everything on a device! especially if you don’t have a backup.

Make sure to have a regular backup plan for your important files.

Use the 3..2..1 backup method having a local backup (meaning a external backup drive) and a cloud backup account will make sure you never lose anything!

Thanks for checking out my Tips on how to Stay Safe Online While Working From Home.

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