FAQ: How do You Keep My Data Safe During Repair?

A common question was posed by a customer and wanted to share it here. 

“How do you protect my data when you go to upgrade my computer?”

First a little context…

Customer brings in computer wanting it diagnosed because it kept crashing and freezing up. 

After the initial evaluation I immediately notice that the customer is using an outdated unsupported windows system with a failing hard drive that is also almost full.

So, first things first I advise the customer that the problem most likely is due to the issues mentioned above and if I upgrade the computer to a supported system (Windows 10) and replace and upgrade the drive to a bigger SSD drive that it will most likely correct most of his problems.

Naturally he was concerned about his files and his current system and didn’t want to start from scratch and so forth. 

Hence the question… How will you protect my data? 

I let him know that I can simply clone his drive to a bigger drive and upgrade the system as is and he won’t have to start from scratch it’ll be the same system just updated.

He was concerned that if something went wrong that he would lose his data. 

That’s when I explained how GEFNET protects customers data because especially during a service like this it’s a major risk that something could go wrong but the way GEFNET works the customer drive is first cloned to a working drive the same size as the customer drive. Then we set aside the original customer drive while we work and do the repair on the working drive. 

We do the job on the working drive and once the job is complete and everything is checked and confirmed we then clone the working drive to the new drive which becomes the new customer drive in perfect working order.

Once the new customer drive is checked and confirmed that the cloned system and upgrade was successful we securely wipe and format the working drive. 

Then upon customer request we will securely wipe and destroy the old customer drive or return the old drive to the customer.

So, with this standard method of operation the customer’s data is never in any jeopardy of loss or damage which is exactly how we like it. 

But…But… That must take a lot of extra time?!  

Yes, it does take extra time but it’s not time that is charged to the customer it’s time we accept to make sure that customer data is made a priority it’s just how GEFNET does business. If it means taking a little extra time to make sure your data is safe that’s what we do.

That’s the quality of customer care GEFNET was built upon.

With that said…

Wouldn’t you feel safe bringing your computer into GEFNET for an upgrade?

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