Windows 11 Workshop & Preview

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since Windows 10 was First released… But now a New Era is Born and Windows 11 is Coming in October 2021 Are you Ready For it? Let GEFNET Help You Decide!

In 2015 GEFNET helped people learn and adopt Windows 10 as the new way to use a Windows PC with workshops and individual tutoring and training if needed. In 2021 with the pending release of Windows 11 it will be no different. GEFNET is here to help you decide if you’ll want to or if you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Windows 11 will have specific hardware requirements so older machines may not be able to upgrade but the good news is unlike in 2015 with the drastic design changes in Windows 10 it’ll be easy to adopt and use Windows 11 they have made it more streamlined more user friendly and it’s not that much different then windows 10 other then some added features and cosmetic changes they did move things around and made things look different etc. but overall it’ll be better learning Windows 11 then it was to learn Windows 10.

So with all that said, GEFNET will be hosting workshops and previews of the new Windows 11 Operating System Every Week starting on October 1st.

During the workshop I’ll walk you through the changes and introduce you to the new features and what to expect from the new Windows Experience.

If you bring your computer with you I’ll also Give your computer a Free Computer Upgrade Check to see if it’s able and eligble for the Free Upgrade to Windows 11. When Windows 11 is released I can upgrade your computer for you.

During the workshop you’ll have a chance to see a preview of what Windows 11 will look like and feel like.

If you have any other comments or questions please contact Greg Fultz at the contact info Listed.

And if the scheduled time doesn’t work for you just contact Greg to set up a one on one preview.

Looking forward to helping you with your new Windows Experience!

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