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We offer computer repair, remote support, troubleshooting, computer upgrades, computer maintenance, virus removal, malware removal, consultations, website design, eBay consignment, custom built computers, game console repair, mobile phone repair, Parts & Supplies on demand. Whatever you need we’ve got a geek for that!


Established in 2010.

GEFNET is a small business in Mattoon, IL

The business was a decade plus in the making and stemmed from a life long passion for computers/electronics.  Whenever something would break or stop working friends and family would come to me to fix their computers and after a few years of doing this the word spread and friends of friends would come calling.  It’s then i realized that I could make a living doing this.

After doing side jobs for many years gaining experience from all the jobs I’ve done I wanted to make the business official but didn’t know how so a few more years passed and after building a vision for the business and having everything laid out I made it official in 2010.

GEFNET has been serving customers for quite a few years now and with hundreds of customers under our belt we are confident that no matter what problem comes up we have been there and done that for the most part. We look forward to growing and learning year after year.

Meet the Business Owner

Greg F.

Greg Fultz

Business Owner

Born in 1975 I was born and raised in Illinois. I eventually ended up in Alamogordo, NM where I officially opened the business and then moved it back to the home state.

I Graduated from New Mexico State University and I have a degree in Information Technology and I’m a certified Network Specialist.

I’m Your GeeK!

About The Blog

The Tech Blog was started in Aug 2017 in order to bring something valuable to GEFNET’s customers and viewers I wanted a place to give out useful information that everyday people can use and as a place to ask and get questions answered.

Computers and the Technology Field is a lifelong passion of mine.

The Blog is great but don’t forget to check out the main site as well for everything GEFNET can do for you!

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