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How To Avoid Facebook Cloning Scams

#ImposterAlert #ScamWarning #Alert #ClonedAccounts #Scam #GEFTEKTip #Tip #GEFNETHelpMeNow So for the last couple hours, I've been helping one of my longtime customers from NM secure her facebook account and give her some lessons on facebook #security. She's an 80+ year old lady and she called frantic because all of her friends and family were posting messages to her wall asking if she …

How To Keep Your Computer At Peak Performance (Without Lifting a Finger!)

For a device that’s supposed to make life easier, computers sure do involve a lot of work! There’s so much to keep track of that it’s no wonder most people push ahead and forget the routine maintenance until something breaks. Of course, the problem with being reactive is the damage is already done. Photos and …