Best WiFi Router?

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So one of my customers asked what is the best WiFi Router system for my Home?

My answer and recommendation is and always will be (at least until something better comes along) The Google WiFi System.

Why? because as with everyday Google does they usually do it right and do it good. The Google WiFi system works on what’s called a mesh network so what that means is it’s basically going to blanket your house or the area where you have the system setup in beautiful WiFi coverage unlike WiFi routers that don’t have a mesh network they operate on a different technology and may just direct the WiFi signal in one direction or in the direction it is facing.

This is where the Google WiFi system excels (or any mesh network router) it doesn’t just send the signal out in one specific direction it just blasts it out in a grid like blanket that gives you the best possible coverage.

With the Google WiFi system it’s easy to add-on Access Points for other areas of your home that needs extra coverage like the upstairs or in the basement or more coverage outside in the backyard.

The Google WiFi system is the best you can get right now IMO for the standard everyday home user.

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*Amazon Affiliate Links used in this post if you click and purchase I’ll get a small commission for it. This has no bearing on my opinion on the product.

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