Be #EarthFriendly Live in the Cloud!

Happy #EarthDay!

What is one thing you can do to help the environment?

Move to the #Cloud! I know many people are weary of “the cloud” and don’t trust the security or the technology behind it but it is the future.

Utilizing the cloud means that you use fewer machines and hardware and that uses less energy and has a lower impact on the environment.

When you use the cloud you use less physical products and replace them with virtual equivalents. So that external hard drive that you have to plug in to backup your computer isn’t using electricity if you don’t have to use it anymore plus when that external hard drive fails it will contribute to the e-waste problem.

If you are old school and still backing up data to CD’s you’re not only burning up power to burn the disc but that disc isn’t easily recyclable because it’s made from a mix of different plastic resins.

Dematerialization is one of the biggest benefits of #CloudComputing & #CloudStorage because the less we use and what we do use more efficiently and sustainably is overall better for #Earth and the #environment

So, don’t dismiss the cloud so easily. Learn It, Embrace it and Use It.

if you still don’t want to trust it that’s fine you can encrypt the files before sending it to your cloud storage service and use it just for your most critical files that you wouldn’t want to lose because cloud backup is one thing that you can pretty much depend on that won’t crash or fail you in a time of need.

That flash drive, your external backup drive your PC, those trusty CD’s can and will all fail at one point or time.

Be #EarthFriendly Live in the Cloud!


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