Facebook Changes! Good for Personal Use BAD for Business….

Big news coming out of Facebook today that everyone especially pages, brands & businesses will be talking about. Your feed is changing and for personal use this is great news because Facebook will be pushing more family and friends content to the top of your feed so you may actually get to see some of your friends posts again.

Facebook has been so clogged with brands and pages in people’s feeds that it’s been hard to see what your friends are actually doing and I agree with this I’ve “liked” so many pages and brands that I hardly see anything from friends.

So this is a good thing but on the other hand I’m also a page owner and a business on Facebook so basically no one will see any of my content from my pages unless they seek it out.

This is going to hurt the little guy like me because if people aren’t viewing my content then it isn’t generating business and I promote heavily on Facebook and it’s where a lot of my business comes from. So we’ll have to see how this works out it just means I have to work harder at getting more business which most likely means having to spend more money on advertising just to get the views and attention that I use to get organically.

And for you it means if you want to see my content and content from your favorite pages and brands you have to interact with them I can’t stress this enough if you’re not liking and commenting on posts that you want to continue to see you won’t see them anymore.

This isn’t just about businesses either this is your pages from friends and family or that page that gives you those cute cat pictures or that political page that bashes your favorite politician that you love to hate it’s all pages so support the pages that you want to see because your “like” is the new currency on Facebook without it they don’t get seen.

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