[GEFNET.com] Website Updated

Greetings All!

Just wanted to drop a notice and let you know some menu changes have occurred and updated some other elements of the site.

We have retired our Clickbook service for contact and appointments and we are using Google Forms and Calendly now for the respective services.

We feel this will be much better for ongoing future use.

Coming soon GEFNET will get a fresh new look and design the current state of the site is rather outdated technology wise so we are going give it some fresh new features and more modern feel. stay tuned for that!

We’ve been testing our new flat rate services and the new hourly rates over the course of the summer and pleased to say that it’s been well received. So we may continue to tweak it a bit here and there but we feel that this was the best course of action for the business and people have been quite supportive and understanding about it. We appreciate that.

In other news along with the new pricing changes, we’ve also added a special Pre-pay discount to give you further value in the service.

You are no longer stuck with just one payment option we have different rates that are perfect for any budget!

If you missed the July Newsletter with the most recent updates on the business be sure to check it out.

That’s it for now stay tuned for more updates!


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