How To Avoid Facebook Cloning Scams

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So for the last couple hours, I’ve been helping one of my longtime customers from NM secure her facebook account and give her some lessons on facebook #security.

She’s an 80+ year old lady and she called frantic because all of her friends and family were posting messages to her wall asking if she is sending them messages.

of course, she wasn’t someone had cloned her account and was sending messages to all her friends pretending to be her.

you know the drill or you should “help me I’m stuck in XYZ land send money” or the “hey I just invested in this great stock or fund do you want in?” or better yet “hey I just got this grant I’m planning on buying <insert expensive item here> wanna know how I did it?”

Regardless of what it is, it’s all a scam obviously, So I’ll tell you what I told her…

if you start getting messages asking if you have sent messages to them post a notice on your wall informing your friends and family that your account has been cloned and that you are not sending messages to anyone.

Next, go into your privacy settings and change who can see your friends only you should be able to view your friends’ list.

so set the option to “Only Me” that way if you get targeted by a scammer they won’t know who your friends are because they are hidden from public view.

That’s how this scam works if they can’t see your friends they can’t message them.

you should also take this time to go over the rest of your security settings and make sure everything is updated and correct.

for the best security of your account turn on Two-Factor Authentication, Yes, it’s a pain… I know but it’s the best way to prevent your account from getting #hijacked / #hacked.

There are two other areas that you should be concerned with “Trusted Contacts” and “Legacy Contact”.

Trusted Contacts can help restore your account if you get locked out for whatever reason.

Legacy Contact will be able to manage/access your account or close it after you have died. if you don’t care what happens to your account after you die then this doesn’t matter.

but those are the major precautions/points that you need to be aware of if you need/want help with this Book an appointment with me I’ll give you a free 15-minute remote support session to show you what you need to do. #NoStringsAttached

As for my customer, Her account was secured and updated and her friends were notified of what was happening. Needless to say, she was thrilled and her friends were relieved.

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